How Men Dress Plus Size Formal: Classic OOTDs for 2017

by Friday, March 18, 2022

Dubbed as the hottest plus size celebrity of 2016 –alongside Rebel Wilson–comedian and host, James Corden is the ultimate fashion peg for plus size formal wear. He has entertained everyone in his Carpool Karaoke episodes in his show alongside the top musicians today. He has not only surprised everyone with his beautiful voice but also charmed everyone with how he dresses. Let’s look back at his 3 most iconic formal looks in this post. Who knows? You might out-style him soon enough this 2017!

Plus Size Formal OOTDs Worth Trying in 2017

James Corden’s Top 3 Plus Size Formal Looks

Find out just how James Corden owns the red carpet in his plus size formal wear looks; and how you, too, can bring sexy back in 2017.

Funny and fashionable in one? Well, it’s no wonder Corden is one of the most trending men today! And while orange may indeed be the new black, it seems that this carpool karaoke star has recently made plus size the new sexy.

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1. Navy Blue Plus Size Formal Wear

When James Corden attended the Burberry Fashion Show last 2015, no one expected him to join the ranks of The Beckhams, Cara Delevigne, and even Naomi Campbell in The Best Dressed List. He looked effortlessly dapper in his navy blue suit. It is the meticulous tailoring that makes the suit look loose enough for him to breathe, and snug enough to accentuate his legs and his shoulders.

A perfect example of why tailor-fit suits are a great investment.

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2. Classic Black Plus Size Formal Wear

Classic Black has got to be one of the safest bets when you’re dressing for a formal event. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t add a hint of playfulness and personality into the mix. You can take James Corden’s 2013 Brit Awards suit as inspiration. The tasteful yet slightly dangerous mixture of varying prints of blazer and trousers made him stand out from the sea of Classic Blacks. Aside from that, the black rose brooch displayed his playful nature without making the outfit look tacky.

The key is to know how to perfectly mix and match textures and fabrics. Oh, and a lot of personality!


3. Burgundy Plus Size Formal Wear

Proving that he does belong in The Fashion Elite just after closing Burberry’s Fashion Show, James Corden rocked a Burgundy Burberry Suit at the 19th Hollywood Film Awards. He showed that with a plus size comes a plus fashion responsibility. And that is to not be afraid to spice things up.

Burgundy, although not a usual suit color, looked great with his skin tone and hair color. And the choice of tie made his blue eyes pop. Now this is a man who knows his color schemes and how to play them to his fashion benefit.

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Take a sneak peak of James Corden’s fashion debut in this video by The Late Late Show with James Corden:

Plus size formal wear might seem difficult to crack but it really isn’t. All you need is to be confident in your own skin and learn which fabrics, colors, and cuts look great on you. Also, don’t forget to have fun with it. Because that’s what fashion really is about. Aside from looking good, you should also feel good!

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