Black Tie Formal Wear Essentials | How Men Dress

by Friday, March 18, 2022

Having to don black tie formal wear for an event has got to be one of the most exciting and stressful experiences for any man. Sure, it’s pretty cool to be invited to a black tie event. But then again, what does that dress code really mean? Crack the code with this list of black tie formal wear essentials:

Black Tie Formal Wear Essentials | How Men Dress

Look Effortlessly Dapper in Black Tie Formal Wear

Understanding the rules of black tie formal wear may seem tricky. However, it’s actually easier than what most people think. The key is to always keep in mind the event that you’re attending–wedding, gala, awards, or even prom. When you’ve got that noted, the next step is to pin down these key elements that complete the dapper look.

1. The Dinner Jacket

The main factor when it comes to timelessly sleek dinner jackets is the tailored fit. Be very particular with your shoulders and your vents. Also, fabric selection has to be meticulously done to ensure that the jacket is not only stylish, but also durable.

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2. The Lapel

The Peak holds the title of being the ideal lapel. It’s structure draws the eyes to the v-shape that will perfectly come out of a well-tailored suit. The Shawl can also work if–and only if–the correct proportions from shoulder to ankle are just on point. The Notch, on the other hand, is never an option for black tie formal wear.

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3. The Color

Take it from the man who makes everyone want to wear a tux on a daily basis. Go for the classic black and the surprisingly sexy midnight navy suits. However, you’re going to want to make sure that the crowd won’t mind you going for a much bolder look for your black tie formal wear.

4. The Shirt

The turn-down collar dress shirt is the only shirt that can be worn for black tie formal wear events. Make sure that your front is either pleated or Marcella. However, keep the pleats tight and neat, and the Marcella diamonds shapes small.

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5. The “Black Tie”

Just a small reminder for everyone: the black tie IS the bow tie and not the neck tie. And because it defines the whole look, please do stay away from clip ons. Keep your look elegant and regal by learning how to tie your own bow ties.

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6. The Trousers

Having the perfect pair of trousers is crucial to the dapper look you are going for. It’s highly advised to wear trousers made of the same fabric as your dinner jacket. Keep the fit slim with a single braid down the side. Keep the trousers seams in pattern with your lapel facings as well.

For a more in-depth understanding of styling black tie formal wear, watch Mr. Porter’s video on how the most stylish men in fashion wear their own tuxedos:

Everyone has a skill that they must master in order to become great. When it comes to fashion, that is the black tie formal wear. It’s complex at face value, but once you’ve got the basic rules, you’re bound to own the look eventually.

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