10 Of The Best Denim Jackets For Men

by Tuesday, March 15, 2022

Denim jackets are versatile wardrobe pieces that every man should have. Throw it in a basic look and you’re good to go. Pair it with a gingham shirt and the look is completely upgraded. With that said, it’s now time to purchase one. But before you do, let us show you the best denim jackets for men, waiting to be purchased.

10 Of The Best Denim Jackets For Men

Purchase the Best Denim Jacket for You

Denim jackets may not be on trend every time but it’s versatility and durability makes it a piece coveted by everyone. For men especially, it has become a symbol of masculinity as well as rebelliousness (take a cue on cowboys) showing how it can withstand the wind, rain and any unlikely force of nature.

At the realm of fashion, the denim jacket has been resurrected countless times by fashion designers and thanks to them, it has been cut and fitted accordingly to a man’s body. When styled even in the simplest ways, like with a basic white shirt, the look is completely amplified from basic to badass. Today, we appreciate its beauty and see the best denim jacket for men available today.

1. Rag & Bone Standard Issue Washed Stretch-Denim Jacket

Rag & Bone has always been a definitive force in men’s urban fashion. Take this standard issue denim jacket that you can style with anything even a simple white shirt will do.

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2. ASOS Denim Overhead Jacket

The denim jacket gets a whole new perspective with this overhead style by ASOS. It’s light and stylish perfect for any look in the cold season.

3. Levi’s 1967 Type III Denim Jacket

This Levi’s denim jacket has been the choice of ranchers, rockstars, rebels as well as truck drivers. It’s so versatile anyone can wear it with anything.

4. ASOS Slim Fit Dark Wash Denim Jacket

A dark denim jacket is your style best friend for any casual style out there.

5. Levi’s Trucker Jacket

Another classic Levi’s jacket, this trucker style has various washes that you can choose from.

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6. Acne Studios Who Mid Vintage Denim Jacket

Acne Studios is one of the most trusted in stylish articles of clothing so it’s no wonder this denim jacket made it to the list. Pair it with printed shorts for that cool and casual vibe.

7. Cheap Monday Staple Rinse Black Denim Jacket

If blue denim is overrated then why not try black denim instead? It’s a cool alternative if you want to go a little bit rock and grunge.

8. Topman Mid Wash Denim Western Jacket

Mid wash is the new denim color to get these days. Pair it with a grey shirt or polo shirt and you’re on your way to style perfection.

9. A.P.C. Overdyed Denim Jacket

Made from overdyed blue fabric and burnished silver buttons, this sartorial jacket is perfect when paired with a striped cotton shirt.

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10. Gant Rugger Denim Jacket

Featuring a two-way zip closure, side slit pockets and patch pockets, this 100% cotton denim jacket is the perfect for your casual look in the city.

If you want to know how to style the denim jacket, check out this video from Jair Woo and get cool inspirations.

There are a lot of shops that feature cool denim jackets but these are the ones that stand out. They either feature cool fabric treatments, special buttons, or strategically placed patches and pockets. Nonetheless, denim jackets are fashionable versatile items that you should invest on if you want to have a cool style.

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