Men Fashion Designers Who Outdid Others In Menswear

by Monday, March 14, 2022

Look at these men fashion designers who always challenge style! From Ralph Lauren to Tom Ford, find out how these iconic and famous male fashion designers revolutionize menswear!

13 Men Fashion Designers Who Define Male Fashion Style

The world of fashion is complex. While it’s mostly dominated by girl bosses, men are making their own mark. As proof, here are 13 men fashion designers that always shake the status quo. With their sheer creativity, imagination, skill, and knowledge, you can now take a pick among the different male fashion styles. You just don’t embrace trends – you create your own personality.

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1. Ralph Lauren

Widely-known as the King of Menswear, Ralph Lauren was the first to infuse classic style in all his pieces. Across the years, his brand (Polo) paid tribute to the golden age of American and British style. Polo also offers quality pieces that range from high-end Purple Label to basic American clothing.

2. Giorgio Armani

Giorgio Armani is one of the very few men fashion designers who have successfully revolutionized the silhouette of suits. His radical relaxed silhouette suits were called the “Armani Look.” It defined a significant era in tailored menswear.

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3. Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein ushered in the rise of highly charged sexuality in men’s clothing. His pieces are known to exude masculinity and sex appeal without looking sloppy. His aesthetic was the perfect fusion of sexy and classy.

4. Rene Lacoste

Rene Lacoste’s legacy is one that can be considered three-fold. He was the first to introduce the polo shirt by using them in his tennis matches. He also helped invent branded clothing by being the first athlete to endorse a brand. Lastly but most importantly, his polo shirts created the preppy style we all know and love today.

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5. Gianni Versace

Gianni Versace’s menswear line is the first to consistently develop pieces that are more flamboyant. Versace menswear is all about vivid, flashy, and bold patterns. Lastly, he was the first to make the men in fashion exude a look perfect for a luxury holiday.

6. Tom Ford

If men can wear denim and still look sophisticated, you only have one person to thank for: Tom Ford. He brought metrosexuality to the rest of the world – and men embraced it.

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7. Kanye West

You may not like his music, and you may even hate the man, but Yeezy has made street style as worth coveting as the suits. And his collaborations aren’t shabby either.

8. Rick Owens

Rick Owens is not called the high priest of grunge clothing for nothing. His runway shows, usually provocative, show grunge and gothic can be glamorous.

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9. Alexander Mcqueen

Before Kate Moss, there was David Bowie. McQueen’s legacy is an odd but beautiful combination of no rules and British tailoring tradition, as well as urban and Italian class.

10. Yohji Yamamoto

While many Japanese men fashion designers have conquered the globe, Yohji remains the patriarch, the leader since the 1980s. With his brilliance, men can enjoy oversized, dark, deconstructed pieces infused with hints of Japanese design.

11. Lee Ozwald Boateng OBE

Male designer clothes will never be complete without suits, and when it comes to bespoke, Lee Ozwald Boateng is the man. The first tailor to have a runway show in 1994 Paris Week, he made the classic suits contemporary by making them more fitted to the body. He made it even cooler by tailoring for the likes of Mick Jagger and Spike Lee.

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12. Phillip Lim

Dressy and casual may not be a compatible mix until you’ve seen the menswear collection of high-end tailor Phillip Lim. His preference for a casual look with understated elegance gave him the 2012 Swarovski Award for Menswear.

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13. Boris Bidjan Saberi

When it comes to fashion, Boris Bidjan Saberi has one golden rule: no rules. Just check out his drop-crotch pants and jackets without collars, to name a few.

How do you know you ought to be one of the men fashion designers? There’s only one way to find out. Hear the personal story of Vik Tailor here:

Don’t these men fashion designers deserve a standing ovation? I’m sure you’ll see more tailors who will capture the attention of the fashion scene and change our definition of men’s style and menswear, but another is also certain. They will be standing on the shoulders of these giants.

Do you know other men fashion designers who should be on the list? We’d love to know your opinion by adding a comment below. If we have iconic tailors, we also have men who took the meaning of style to heart. Here is the top list of men who rocked the 2016 fashion. 

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Editor’s Note – This post was originally published in July 2016 and has been updated for quality and relevancy. 

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