How Men Dress with Style – 5 Ultimate Styles Every Man Should Know

by Friday, March 18, 2022

So you think that you are not stylish, or that fashion is not for you? You are so wrong, man! You don’t need to become a celebrity nor be expensive-looking just to qualify on being a fashionista. Your taste, choice of clothes – that is style. Your personal style. But if you’re unsure, scroll down to check the ultimate styles every man should know.

How Men Dress with Style – 5 Ultimate Styles Every Man Should Know

5 Ultimate Styles Every Man Should Know

Vanity has nothing to do with wanting to have your own style in dressing up. Whether we like it or not, the way we dress speaks of our personality. Whatever kind of look you might be driving to, the public is always there to judge. You wouldn’t want to be caught in sloppy trousers while you run an errand for your boss, but instead, wear neat clothes, to appear organized and more professional.

Below are some ultimate styles for men, which you can actually adapt.

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1. Trend


This style pays respect to what’s in and what’s hot. Accessories play a great role in setting an ultimate statement. You may also add layers with this style, like adding up a vest or a jacket to complete your look. Layering is a thumbs up!

Shoes to pair it with.

Are sneakers too casual for you? While you see loafers as being too formal? Try out a pair of boots! They are both functional and stylish. The most popular styles are combat and biker boots.

2. Smart


We can say that smart casual is the middle ground between trendy and formal. Mix and match your suit pieces, coats or blazers with denim. A lapel and a tie are not required for this look; but if the need arises, try to make sure they are of the same color for a more cohesive look.

Check out How Men Dress with Style - 5 Ultimate Styles Every Man Should Know at

Shoes to pair it with

With this style, your shoes don’t have to be formal. Formal fabrics would look nicer paired with a formal footwear though, but if you should  decide to wear sneakers, make sure the style is clean, casual, and won’t come off as too athletic.

3. Business


This ultimate style is going for a professional look, without going too formal. If you just started your new job, it would be safe to say that you will have to give your denim and sneakers a rest, for now. Go for pants that are dark-colored or plain white for a neutral look, and don’t forget to button down your shirt.

Shoes to pair it with

For this look, dress shoes or loafers are what you need, and you will be good to go.

4. Simple

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No fuss. This style can be as comfortable as it gets. Although let’s not get too comfortable with what we wear and confuse it with clothes that are loose and baggy. Looser fits are comfortable, but baggy just looks untidy. Throw out your loose fitting jeans and gear on tailor-fit ones instead.

Shoes to pair it with

Worn sneakers are comfortable too. However, give them a break and have them rest for good if they show holes and tears already!

5. Formal

Check out How Men Dress with Style - 5 Ultimate Styles Every Man Should Know at


For men, suits offer little variety compared to women and their dresses. This being said men play it with the details anyway. You may see black suits and tuxedos as almost all the same, but they are not created equal! Get your suit tailored so it fits perfectly with your height and shape. A solid color isn’t necessarily required, but it’s more traditional. If you wanna play with colors, stick with dark colors and white pieces.

Shoes to pair it with

You must remember to use black socks on this one, paired with leather shoes. White socks are too casual and should never be part of your formal attire. At all.

For simple style tips for men, watch this video from our friend Alpha M.

Did you find this blog helpful? It is time for a wardrobe check and try to recreate your style with these 5 helpful tips. Get stylish because “Looking good isn’t self-importance; it’s self-respect.”— Charles Hix

Do you want to know more about men’s style of clothing? Check it here.

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