3 Smarter Ways to Look Stylish in Your Chino Pants

by Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Do you have chino pants in your wardrobe but you’re a little hesitant to wear them? Probably, you’re tired of wearing them over and over in just one style. Well, it’s a good thing that you dropped by so you’ll have better ideas to improve your style and perhaps, buy more chinos!

3 Smarter Ways to Look Stylish in Your Chino Pants

Great Ideas On How To Wear Your Chinos

A piece of clothing that is a favorite among the guys are chino pants, or “chinos” for short. These are the kind of trousers made from chino cloth, a twill fabric made of 100% cotton. You see these in most fast fashion stores and online shops as it is most common material used for making trousers.


They’re actually not that complicated. I, for one, use it daily for my smart casual events at the office. The main fact that it’s simple makes it fun to style because it’s so versatile! Read on to know how you can style it smarter to look stylish–every single time.



3 Smarter Ways to Look Stylish in Your Chino Pants

Pair your chino pants with your go-to crisp dress shirt together with a tie for a smarter office outfit. After your office hours, loosen up your dress shirt by untying your necktie and rolling up your sleeves. Now your look is effortlessly stylish from desk to dinner.



3 Smarter Ways to Look Stylish in Your Chino Pants

Pair your chinos with oxford shoes and your favorite sweater for a preppy touch. (And yes, you literally look smarter) It would be best to wear this on casual days at the office or a dinner date with a friend.



RELAXED l 3 Smarter Ways to Look Stylish in Your Chino Pants

For a cool vibe, pair your chinos pants with a casual button down polo or t-shirt together with your favorite pair of sneakers. Don’t be afraid to accessorize as well. We recommend you add aviator shades on sunny days and a cardigan on colder days.


Watch this video tutorial about smarter ways of how to wear your chino pants.

Thank you, Eric Love, for this inspiring video.


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