Men’s Style Guide: How To Wear An Overcoat

by Tuesday, March 15, 2022

A Guide On How To Choose The Right Coat To Wear Over Your Suit

You spend a lot of time finding a custom suit that fits you, from the style down to the lapel. You wear your suit a lot and you look good in it. So it’s important to spend as much time on what you put over your suit that looks just as sharp.

You don’t need many warm weather coats in your arsenal, but the one you do need is a well-fitted overcoat. Some guys grab puffier, parka-like jackets, but this lends a more casual, surfer-dude look. It doesn’t work for a man who puts a suit on almost everyday. Overcoats are cut to enhance the effect of your suit and up your style game.

Tailored overcoats are making a comeback in men’s fashion. This article will tell you exactly what to look for in your overcoat, from the fit to the fabric. So next time you step out in the colder weather, you have the essential overcoat you need to look your best.


Fabric is an important element of your overcoat. Your best bet is to go with a wool one. Wool is a choice fabric because it’s not only warm, it’ll last you a long time. Look for an overcoat that is 100% wool with some weight to it to keep you warm and endure winter wear and tear.

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Tweed, which is made from wool, is a good winter option as well – it’s warm, thick, and timeless. Tweed is definitely a fashionable choice, though the fabric is a bit coarser.

If you’re willing to spend a bit more on your overcoat, cashmere is a good option as well. Cashmere overcoats look great, but they’re more expensive and don’t usually last as long. You’ll notice some wear on the cuffs and collar after sufficient use. Try a cashmere wool blend for optimal fabric combination.


As with your suit, it’s all in the fit of your overcoat. Make sure you wear a button-up shirt, or even better, suit jacket when trying them on. Depending on your preference, you decide whether you want one that is more structured and fitted or one that has more movement.

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Length: Modern overcoats should fall at or right above the knee, so find one that fits your height. Stay away from overcoats that fall past your calf – this is a more traditional, outdated look.

Sleeves: The sleeves should come about an inch past your suit jacket.

Collar: Make sure the collar is large enough to cover the lapels of your suit jacket.

The overcoat should be nice and snug without showing any bulges. If it wrinkles or pulls when buttoned, it’s too small.

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Like all of men’s fashion, coats are constantly being redesigned with new additions. From elbow pads to velvet collars, your overcoat can get pretty spruced up. The two styles you should be aware of, however, are double-breasted coats and single-breasted coats.

Double-Breasted: These overcoats are more traditional. It is also referred to as “military style”.

Single-Breasted: Single-breasted overcoats are more suited to modern fashion. They don’t usually require being buttoned up, so they’re a bit more practical and look clean.

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The color of your overcoat is ultimately up to you. Opt for the traditional black or dark navy for a choice that goes with everything and hides dirt and wear better. Or choose a classic camel colored overcoat for a stylish option.

If you’re a man with a bold mission, go with a bold red overcoat. Just know it’s not as functional and can’t be worn for everyday.

There you have it. Every man needs a solid overcoat that can cover their suit for the winter months. Pay attention to the details and take your time finding the one that looks best on you. Check for interior/exterior pockets and move around in different ones so you know which one looks and feels best.

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