Mad Men Fashion: 5 Style Profiles You Can Learn From

by Thursday, March 10, 2022

Mad Men fashion has clearly made an impact in modern menswear since the hit show invaded the TV world with its almost 8-year run. There’s a different kind of dapper for each character of the show that men of varying personalities could relate to. Whether you’re a risk-taker or a conservative when it comes to fashion, you’ll definitely find a Mad Men OOTD that you’ll love.

Take a look at these Mad Men fashion trends and see which one resonates with your own style.

Learn From These Madly Stylish Mad Men Fashion OOTDs

Pick your Fashion Inspiration from the Mad Men themselves

The impact that well-known TV show, Mad Men, had on its audience is not one that can ever be understated. It has given rise to men who embodied dapper in the most graceful way possible. It has inspired a category of menswear that had girls swooning, and men almost desperate to perfect.

Learn more about these 5 personalities and their distinct style profiles.  Get in on the style madness that is Mad Men and its fashion!

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1. The Michael Ginsberg

Michael’s style is precisely what the show’s stylist, Janie Bryant is–defiant. He’s the type of guy who wouldn’t be afraid to show just how eccentric he is with his loud, heavily-printed jackets, chunky cardigans, and printed dress shirts.

The Michael Ginsberg fashion is all about quirkiness mixed with an extroverted fashion sense.

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2. The Stan Rizzo

Known to be the “future” in the world of Mad Men fashion, Stan Rizzo, is your unapologetically unsuited fashion rebel. He is the representation of the young creative in the contemporary advertising setting.

The Stan Rizzo is the ultimate look for anyone who just can’t be bothered with trends because he redefines them.

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3. The Pete Campbell

Famous for his uniformed suits, Pete Campbell, although widely-abhorred for his character in the show, might just be the reason why blue suits became trendy again. He gives off a perfect mix of the old soul and the dandy schoolboy with his undeniably preppy fashion sense.

The Pete Campbell is a look that goes for polished, older fashions.

4. The Roger Sterling

The immaculate Roger Sterling who looks good in anything, and makes anything look good. His innate style gives him the guts to wear three-piece suits and double-breasted jackets with much ease. This gives him the air of luxury with a hint of excitement.

The Roger Sterling is the very inspiration for fun yet elegant menswear.

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5. The Don Draper

Sharp and sleek without looking like he’s trying too hard, Don Draper is the epitome of an effortlessly stylish man. He is comfortable in his own skin and shows it by wearing what he likes and sticks with it. Because of that, he has become a totem of formality for this generation’s menswear.

The Don Draper is all about subtle luxurious menswear.

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Let your style exude your gentlemanly attitude with these Mad Men fashion inspirations today! But before you go ahead and dress up, let me know in the comments below which style profile from the Mad Men characters you resonate with the most? I, for one, emulate the vibe of Stan Rizzo but on special occasions, I am Don Draper.

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