How Men Dress Casual For Fall | 8 Men Smart Casual Fall Outfit Ideas

by Tuesday, March 15, 2022

As a true stylish man, your duty is to look dapper and sleek every season, especially during the in-between time of fall. Fall season paves the way for warm colors, layered clothing, and classy accessories.

If you want to be the standout for the season, looking casual and smart is the way to go. And as always, I got you covered with some of the smart casual fall outfit ideas here in HowMenDress.

How Men Dress Casual For Fall | 8 Smart Casual Outfit Ideas

Smart Casual Outfits for Men This Fall

Fall is one of the easiest times for men to go and get all suited up! The temperature, which varies most of the time; from warm midday to cold nights; is a very good excuse to fix yourself up a little cozier and smarter. This, however, poses a big question to men’s styling.

I mean, let’s be honest, not every man knows how to dress himself up. Luckily, you have me to give you tips on how to style your way through the Fall season by donning smart casual outfits.

Here are this Fall’s top styles to follow:

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1. Chic Farmhouse Wear for Men

The farmhouse aesthetic has inspired how men dress for Fall. Be it in coats, sweaters, pullovers or shirts, dressing like a chic farmer has never looked so easy. Try neutrals like beige, browns, and the likes for a Fall-ready look!

2. When in Doubt, Grab a Blazer

When the temperature dives down low, stay warm by putting on a good blazer. “Comfort without compromising style” is a rule men commit to. Complement your chic blazer by wearing different shades of white to avoid looking dull and gloomy.

3. Add a Touch of Pattern

Wearing patterns is not everyone’s cup of tea, but if you must try it to see for yourself, one or two patterns that go together will suffice. Try to pick colors that are subtle so as not to make your outfit look over the top. Balance it out with neutrals for an added touch of timelessness and chicness.

4. Strike a Balance

Remember this: when you pick a dark suit, make the rest your outfit light and easy. Dark on dark won’t work because the colors might defeat the purpose of a smart casual look. Keep it clean and simple.

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5. Play with Textures

When it comes to trying to achieve a monochromatic look, consider playing with textured pieces. This will add a certain depth and drama to the whole ensemble. Also, it definitely breaks the seemingly boring and monotonous vibe of your outfit.

6. Comfort Over Style

Fall outfits are comfy and cozy. If you’re really lazy in deciding what to wear, “opt for the regular” and then slab on a third piece. You can Try the shirt with cardigan combo for a look that’s casually dashing for Fall!

Check out How Men Dress Casual For Fall | 8 Men Smart Casual Fall Outfit Ideas at

7. Say Yes to Tweed

Tweed might be a thing of the past butt the jackets can get a contemporary update with a crisp dress shirt and dark-colored jeans. Try this one out for size!

Check out How Men Dress Casual For Fall | 8 Men Smart Casual Fall Outfit Ideas at

8. Denim

Match your denim jacket with a pair of distressed jeans for a rugged look chicks dig. You can get away with anything with this awesome ensemble.

Before we end this blog, check out this cool video from More Merrick to get more casual fall outfit ideas:

Looking smart and casual is something most men are struggling with–probably, including you. But after going through my exclusive How Men Dress For Fall List, you won’t experience the struggle anymore, right?!

Were you able to grab ideas from my post? Share your thoughts in the comments below. Would you like to learn more styles with How Men Dress? Click here for more!

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