HOW-TO: Dress Like the Men of New York City

by Tuesday, March 15, 2022

You’ll find a bevy of unique and independent fashionistas walking around in New York City. New York is America’s melting pot so when it comes to style you can wear anything fashionable.

HOW-TO: Dress Like the Men of New York City

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New York City is one of the fashion capitals constantly showing designer collections so it’s obvious that its houses some of the world’s fashion enthusiasts. Almost every part of the street, you’ll find someone interestingly dressed. They evoke different personalities and style aesthetics that goes from the minimalist approach, bohemian style as well as rock n’ roll.

 New York gentlemen, in general, doesn’t have any specific style nor a genre they follow. Basically, they just choose sartorial pieces that suit their personality as well as the changing seasons of the place. Not too strict and just stylish clothes are their mantra when it comes to city dressing.

In a CNN interview with Humberto Leon and Carol Lim, designers behind Opening Ceremony as well creative directors of fashion label Kenzo, Leon said that New York has its own culture which makes it an amazing thing. He added that it’s a little more mixed and diverse and that it gets everyone inspired.

The designer even blurted out that a regular butcher can dress really well saying, “Not everyone looks so perfect and tidy. There are times when I go to my butcher and I’m like My butcher is dressed rad and he looks so cool. Or I’m in Chinatown and see the amazing lady that’s selling me fruit, and I’m like Damn, she’s got some really cool-ass gloves on.

When you get to New York, here are some of the style you get from people just walking around.

1. Minimalist

You can never go wrong with just simple design and clean aesthetics. Amidst the busiest streets of the city, you will definitely stand out.

2. Bohemian

Remember the hippie era when everything was simple. Rock a velvet blazer or suede shoes for that carefree vibe in the city.

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3. Rock n’ Roll

You can never go wrong being a cool bad-ass guy walking the streets of New York (of course the kind one). Just a leather jacket, leather boots and cool pants and you are set to walk in style.

4. Hipster

The cool kids are ruling the streets of the city. Gear up hipster-style by donning a beanie, a cool jacket and probably a skateboard.

Check out HOW-TO: Dress Like the Men of New York City at

5. Avant-garde

Sometimes, you’ll find someone interesting walking the streets of NY. There are people who wear over-the-top and extravagant outfits that will make you take a second look.

Check out HOW-TO: Dress Like the Men of New York City at

Want to know what to have in your closet to get a NY-styled look? Check out this clip.

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