The Most Iconic Looks of Summer | Men’s Summer Fashion 2016

by Tuesday, March 15, 2022

Can’t get enough of summer? It’s okay. Besides, who can blame you? With all the looks that invaded the world of summer men fashion this 2016, it’s impossible to not wish it was summer forever. Let’s look back on the best of summer fashion for men that are not only iconic, but timeless.

The Most Iconic Looks of Summer Men Fashion 2016

Your Lookbook of The Best of Summer Men Fashion 2016 Trends

The world of men’s fashion, in UK, London, and even Asia saw the best of men’s summer looks by far. It was all about mixing the old with the new, then adding up a whole lot of attitude. Exactly the way, we Millenial fashion-savvy men, like it.

That’s why it’s no wonder that we all want these looks to not only remain as trends but to be as timeless as your favorite white shirt and pair of jeans. So here’s a rundown of all the iconic looks of summer men fashion 2016 to help you take your OOTD’s to the next level with these impossibly fashionable clothes.

1. Military Chic

The camo has once again made a comeback this summer. Surprisingly, green has also become one of the most stylish shades that ruled both the runways and streets this 2016.

So bring out your army greens, your olive greens, and even light khakis because when it comes to menswear, you can never go wrong with anything military.

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2. Bomber Jackets

S/S 2016 just upped its bomber jacket gaming by releasing versions of it in different shades, textures, and looks. You can go for the Urban Aesthetic look or take it up a notch by opting for the Sports Luxe look.

Whatever you choose, you can always find a silk/embellished/suede/quilted bomber jacket that will complete your look – regardless of season.

3. The Cuban Collar

Go bold and go old with the Cuban Collar, the most fashionable men dress shirt during the 1950’s. It’s lightweight in fabric but heavy in personality. Isn’t that just what makes men’s fashion so darn exciting?

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4. Relaxed Trousers

The loosening up of menswear does not end with dress shirts. In fact, it shakes things up with the emergence of wide-leg trousers.

Business casual has never looked this relaxed. Not to mention, this good.

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5. Summer Layering

Layering is one of the most challenging parts of dressing up—or dressing down. You have to take into consideration the fabric, the cut, and the shade of each piece. And when it’s summer, you also have to bring the heat into the equation.

It takes genuine style to pull this off. And you know you got it in you!

6. Silk Luxury + The Neck(erchief)

Dapper, Bold, Effortless are the three words that defined the world of men’s fashion this summer. That’s why Silk Luxury is arguably the most iconic look with 2016.

Silk fabrics met Eastern design and changed the course of men’s fashion forever. Thank you, designers.

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7. Short(er) Shorts

Probably the most controversial trend in 2016, knee-skimming shorts take a lot of guts and inborn style to wear. While it’s definitely perfect for summer, more and more designers have included this in their F/W collection.

If you’re still unsure how to pull this off, the safest bet is to pair it up with your favorite anorak.

And to complete your summer look, watch this video by Life & Styles 2016 on the top hairstyles this 2016.

Summer has ceased to become the most challenging season for menswear. So better take this opportunity, and turn your wardrobe into your very own S/S 2016 lookbook. You know you want to.

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