Men’s Fashion Clothing: What to Avoid After 30

by Friday, March 18, 2022

Staying stylish at any age seems easy when you know your must-haves and must-dos. But let me tell you this, that’s simply not enough. Styling men’s fashion clothing have everything to do with must-don’t’s too! So read on for what you need to avoid now that you’re entering the golden years of your life.

Men’s Fashion Clothing: What to Avoid After 30

Clothing and Accessories to Stop Wearing After 30

Enter the most exciting years of your life both stylishly and confidently by staying away from these men’s fashion clothing and accessories. Don’t worry, I’m pretty you can still use your favorite wristbands for this year’s Halloween Party!

1. Wallet Chains

There really is no other accessories as nonsensical as wallet chains. It actually makes what it’s supposed to prevent happen easier–theft of your wallet and your fashion sense.

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2. Your Old Sports Watches

This is more of a practical move. In an age where everything is smart, even fashion, you can get both form and function in men’s fashion clothing and accessories too! So it’s time to ditch those old timepieces and go for stylishly smart ones.

3. Oversized Clothes

This whole obsession with oversized fashion is no longer for you. Going over 30 also gives you all the right to choose pieces that make you look neater and more regal.

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4. Genuinely Distressed Jeans

It’s high time you dispose your old jeans that literally wore and tore through time.  However, we shouldn’t stop wearing distressed jeans. That’s why when it comes to jeans of this style, stick to the purposely distressed ones.

5. Wife Beaters

Sure we won’t really bother you with what you wear in bed. But let’s keep these wife beaters where they truly belong, which is not out in public. You can stick to the always stylish white shirts to be safe.

6. Way Too Busy Sneakers

It doesn’t matter if their Louboutins or the greatest sneaker brand in the world. When your sneakers are busier than you, they just won’t do. Keep the footwear toned down.

7. Arm Full of Bracelets

What we all have to keep in mind when it comes to adult men and wristwear, if it doesn’t tell time, don’t wear it.

8. Choker Necklace

No. Just no.

Need more help figuring out what you shouldn’t do when it comes to men’s fashion clothing? Watch this video by Buzzfeed Yellow!

Don’t overthink fashion. If it looks and feels wrong, then it’s definitely wrong. So just trust your style-savvy instincts and stay away from these 8 pieces to enjoy your 30’s in fashion bliss.

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