How Men Dress | A Brief Guide On What To Wear In Your 30s

by Saturday, March 12, 2022

Being in your 30s means one thing: it’s time to upgrade your wardrobe and know how men dress your age. Here’s a brief guide on how to look real good with the right clothes and accessories.

How Men Dress | Must-Haves For Men in Their 30s

The thirties! Not too young to hang on to those baggy jeans and graphic tees but not too old to wear full-on suits with peak lapels. But don’t worry, learning how to dress your age is easy with this brief guide I made. These choices will help you know how men dress in their 30s, the best pieces to invest, and how to avoid being a walking fashion nightmare whether at work or on a date. Begin your journey to feeling and looking good at 30s with this 15 must-haves:

1. Bespoke Suit

At this age, you’ll be spending more time at work or even growing your empire. You, therefore, need a suit that displays power, confidence, and prestige. No other type of suit can do that than a bespoke. Certainly, this costs way, way much than an off-the-rack choice, but you need a suit that shows your personality and fits your body to a T.

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2. Collared Shirts

V-necks and round necks are already a given, but you need to add more like collared shirts. From dress shirts to polos, you can easily change your look from business to casual. Flexible, they can be paired with knee-high shorts during spring and summer or be complemented by a tie and a tailored suit for work.

3. Knee-High Shorts

Knee-high walking shorts gives you the excuse to hit the beach, the bar, and the streets at the same day. Pair them with simple sneakers for a preppy look or boat shoes or loafers for something more sophisticated.

4. Jeans Alternatives

You should have more than just a pair of blue jeans. Mix and match shirts and sleeves with other trouser alternatives like corduroys. They’re soft so they’re comfortable to wear even during the summer and durable, which makes them a smart investment.

Not everyone is a huge fan of corduroys, I get it, so try other options like wool slacks and khaki pants for a dressier look, the velvet trousers for more texture, and the jogger pants for comfort casual.

5. Patterned Shirts

Sorry, lads, those graphic tees emblazoned with faces of rock stars and cartoon characters should now belong to your “what not to wear in your 30s” list. Instead, go for plaid and patterned shirts. Mono- and two-tone shirts are just as great.

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6. Fitted Denim Jeans

How men dress your age? They don’t wear baggy pants! Those loose denims have to go. Alternatively, buy fitted jeans that taper beautifully to the ankles. You can also invest on ankle pants for a no-sock day in the office.

7. White

Want one of the best fashion tips for men? Easy. Buy white. Whether it’s a white blazer, coat, trousers, collared shirt, dress shirt, or even shoes, just get this color. This works in every kind of style you want and makes you look so put together.

8. Sleek Coats

Moto and bomber jackets are still fine even when you’re in your 30s, but don’t forget the sleek trench coats too. Pick the right size and it doesn’t just give you warmth it flatters diverse looks. Trench coats to match for you? Go for pea coats or blazers. If you need a guide to wearing an overcoat, go here.

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9. Leather Watch

Thanks to smartphones, men these days no longer wear watches, but if you fancy one, forget about G-shocks and watches with rubber straps. Choose leather! It gives a vintage, timeless vibe and complements formal to casual clothing.

10. Cufflinks

What’s a bespoke suit without cufflinks? Get them to complete the ensemble. Even if they’re small, they can have a hefty price tag, so explore making them your own with these fantastic ideas.

11. Sunnies

Between shutter glasses and aviators, you know how men dress in their 30s, right? One of them needs to be out of your closet immediately, and it’s certainly not the aviators. These sunnies don’t just elevate your look but also protect your eyes, especially from the glare and UV rays.

12. Suspenders

One of the wisest style tips for men in their 30s is to get timeless, classic pieces. Suspenders are one of them. They make you look charming when paired with a V-neck shirt and knee-high shorts or dapper when they complete a suit.

13. Ties

You need ties because whether you like it or not, they’re still the norm in the workplace and business. And if you want to be successful, you need to dress the part.

14. Polished Shoes

Fashion in your 30s means basketball shoes are basketball shoes. For an easy transition between day and night events, pick polished pairs like Oxfords, brogues, and boat shoes. Provided dress codes are more lenient, monochromatic sneakers go well with a three-piece suit as well. While I don’t recommend dispensing those solid high boots (they are still awesome for long hikes), consider chukkas for a more casual boot wear.

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15. Fedora Hat

Charming, vintage, classic, formal – whatever kind of look you want to have, you can always count on a fedora hat to deliver. If that isn’t enough, it’s a staple in every season.

How men dress in their 30s is made easier with amazing, practical tips like this. Learn more fashion tips for men with these easy outfits to wear at work:

Do you already know how men dress your age? So go over your closet, make an inventory, check your clothes, and compare them to this list. Don’t forget you can also draw inspiration from some of these guys. Seriously, there’s no use in keeping stuff that won’t work well for you anymore. Needless to say, stay true to your style.

What are your favorite tips on how men dress in their 30s? Let us know in the comments below! A big guy? We’ve got the best tips on how to work that plus size formal wear.

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Editor’s Note – This post was originally published in January 2016 and has been updated for quality and relevancy.

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