Back to School Outfits: 5 College Fashion Staples

by Friday, March 18, 2022

Heading to college and still got no idea what to wear? Fret no more as these fashion staples will save you from your back to school outfits dilemma!

Choosing the right outfit to dress well is highly important since it gives you a whole lot of confidence especially when you’re in your college days. Transitioning from boyhood to adulthood, your wardrobe may need a little rehauling. Take your fashion style up a notch and wow your peers and professors as you create that good first impression!

Back to School Outfits: 5 College Fashion Staples

Fashion Essentials for Your Back to School Outfits

If you dress sharp, not only will it reflect in your appearance but it could change your frame of mind as well. Dressing well gives you the power to have everything in order and makes you feel more than ready to face and seize the day! For your college life back to school outfits, you can never go wrong with these fashion staples.

1. The Up-Your-Style Sweater

Be it polo style, cardigan, or turtle neck, take your fashion style to a whole new level with sweaters and lose the sweatshirts! When sweater weather arrives, take out one of these manly sweaters instead of sweatshirts. Wear it with an undershirt or a collared shirt underneath or maybe wear a sports jacket over.

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2. The Simple Polo T-Shirt

Upgrade your fashion style from plain tees to polo t-shirts. Comfy and simple, you can pair it with denim jeans or shorts. Collared t-shirts give you a fit look that is way better than your plain shirts.

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3. The Chillin’ Chukkas

Still wearing sneakers? Drop them off and get a pair of chukkas! These shoes can be worn from casual to formal and can be just as comfy as your raggedy sneakers.

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4. The Classic Flannel

With a variety of colors to choose from, this classic wardrobe will probably never run out of style! Casual yet cute, the classic flannel is a cozy piece of clothing that can be worn anywhere from study sessions to meetings or simply going to class!

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5. The Basic Pea Coat

Whether you’re on a date or an internship interview, the pea coat is one of the essentials you can always rely on. You’ll definitely look sharp in a pea coat while you pull off either a casual or formal outfit.

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If you’re still wondering what back to school outfits will you pull off in your college life, owning these 5 fashion essentials can save you a lot of trouble. Knowing what clothes to buy in order to dress well can also help you save your college money. Just remember to always dress sharp in order to think and look sharp!

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