Best Sneakers for Men in Suits | How Men Dress

by Friday, March 18, 2022

A lot of men beg of formal events and business meetings because of one sole reason — uncomfortable soles. Not to mention the rise of the best sneakers for men even women want for themselves. But see, the great thing about fashion is it evolves just as our needs, desires, and climate do. Now that there are more and more dress code categories, men have more freedom to express themselves and even go a little crazy with fashion. All thanks to the trend that is the perfect mix of suits and sneakers.

Read on to find out the best sneakers for men who just have to wear suits.

Best Sneakers for Men in Suits | How Men Dress

Mastering the art of mixing and matching tailoring and trainers will require you to review your knowledge on your personal body type, and the elements that make a suit a perfect fit. And while looking for the perfect suit is 50% of the success, finding the best sneakers for men in suits takes the other 50%. Your trainers have to be as sleek, modern, and well-fitted as your entire ensemble. Learn the must-have sneakers as you read on.

1. The Classic White

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Classic Stan Smiths are perfect with a formally structured blazer and some fitted trousers. If you want a more chic look, keep the suit color scheme to navies and maroons.

2. The Bold Green

For the more playful, and definitely not for the faint-hearted. This bold pair is the last thing you would choose if you’re not planning on standing out. You can keep your look dapper by opting for suits on the darker side of the palette, and a white button-down that’s left tie-free.

3. The Sophisticated Patent

The patent sneakers are the pricier version of dressing down tailored suits. It gives off a regal feel with a hint of comfortable luxury. It’s highly advisable to pair the patent with a mat suit with more casual prints.

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4. The Laid Back Slip-Ons

Lightweight suits with t-shirt’s ultimate match are laid back slip-ons. However, to keep the look a bit more luxurious, get yourself a pair that’s suede instead of canvas. And keep the color scheme basic.

Check out Best Sneakers for Men in Suits | How Men Dress at

5. The On-The-Go Trainers

Injecting a pop of youthful colors to your look is one of the biggest trends in menswear today. To keep the look both sophisticated and fun, choose contemporary suits and matching trousers. Also, always keep your sneakers squeaky clean because while trainers and tailoring are now a thing, sloppy and suits aren’t.

Check out this quick yet in-depth guide to wearing sneakers with suits prepared by GQ:

These are only 5 of the best sneakers for men who wear suits. Take note that the real judge whether your chosen footwear matches your entire outfit still depends on just how comfortable you are in what you’re wearing. I’m only here for the options, the real score is on you. So take that pick, and strut in sneakers and suits like the boss you truly are!

Got more specific sneaker-suit styles in mind? Let me know all about them so I can feature them next time. You may share your thoughts in the comments section. 

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