Short Men Fashion Goals: Mastering Your Body Type

by Tuesday, March 15, 2022

They say the taller man gets to have all the fun. But we all know that’s not the way it is. Not when you’ve conquered the major short men fashion goal, which is to master your own body type. Because girls don’t call you fun-sized for nothing. Read on to see short men fashion goals for every body type.

Short Men Fashion Goals: Mastering your Body Type

Knowing your Body is the Ultimate Short Men Fashion Goal!

Being stylish and fashion-savvy doesn’t have anything to do with your height. I for one still struggle which type of suit fits my body best. (Yes, I’m still  on my own hunt) This is because what truly matters is that you know what looks good on you–because you know more about your body than anyone else does.

Say goodbye to short men fashion woes with the only remedy you’ll need. No, it’s not dressing taller, it’s dressing to flatter your very own body type. Because in fashion, no one should fall short.

1. The Trapezoid Male

Trapezoidal male body types are those with broad shoulders matched with sizable arms and narrow waists. The key here is to stick with the figure-hugging cotton shirts to avoid that top-heavy look.

Take it easy, Trapezoid Males. Let your enviable body shape do the work for you.

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2. The Rectangle Male

It’s all about the shoulders for you, Rectangle Males. Broaden your shoulders with the help of layering and keeping the color blocks and patterns on your upper torso. Oh, and these body types get a free pass to wearing skinnier jeans that other short males can’t wear.

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3. The Inverted Triangle Male

Inverted Triangle Males possess the more athletic body type. It seems to be the body all men aspire for. While they also have broad shoulders, their hips are much narrower than Trapezoid Males. Your go-to pieces are your favorite v-neck shirts and slim (not skinny!) fit jeans.

4. The Oval Male

Styling the Oval Male has everything to do with outfits that work together to create a perfectly streamlined figure. The main goal is elongate the upper body to make the roundedness look less evident. Go for the darker hues and pay extra attention to the length of your trousers and sleeves.

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5. The Triangle Male

When your chest and shoulders are narrower than your waist hips, you’re definitely a Triangle Male. The key to owning this imbalance is to ALWAYS wear well-fitted clothing. Adding on structured blazers and jackets is also a must. Don’t worry, you’re good as long as you stay away from skinny jeans.

Bring out your personal style easier with the help from fashion consultant, Lori Robinson and her video from eHow Beauty:

Having tons of clothes doesn’t matter if they’re not the right clothes for your body type. Save yourself some cash and some fashion follies by understanding and mastering your body type.
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