These 5 Weird Workouts for Men Are Surprisingly Effective

by Friday, March 18, 2022

Unless people are admiring your muscular body, no one wants to be stared at in the gym especially if you’re looking like a fool. But what if I tell you there are some weird workouts for men that really do work? Are you going to give it a shot?

While these weird workouts will surely look funny and will definitely give others a good laugh, these are some excellent moves you can do to achieve a toned and defined body. If you’ve been struggling to put your body in shape with the traditional workouts and still not attain the desired result, maybe it’s time to try out something new.

These 5 Weird Workouts for Men Are Surprisingly Effective

If you’re ready to get silly while building a muscular body, try out some of the weird workouts listed below. Who knows, these weird moves might actually be the solution to achieve your desired body.

1. The Barbell Hip Thrust

This weird workout will give you powerful glutes. Start off by sitting on the ground and placing a bench behind you. Position a loaded barbell on your legs and get ready to roll it just above your hips. To give support to your body, lean on the bench placed behind you and ensure your shoulder blades are positioned near it. Start the exercise by driving your hips upward using your heels. Once your hips are extended, squeeze your glutes as tight as possible.

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2. The Dumbbell Skater Squat

Though this weird workout may seem like a ballet move, this exercise will surely give you strong and stable legs. Begin by standing on one leg as you hold two light dumbbells in each of your hands. Place a balance pad at the back of your foot. Bend your standing leg to 90 degrees as you push backward the other leg. You should go as low as you can until your back knee touches the balance pad while you raise your arms in front. Keep your back straight as the heel of the stance leg drives through. Slowly return to your starting position then repeat.

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3. The Alligator Drag

The Alligator Drag targets your core and will give you the amazing abs you so long for! For this weird workout, you will need a slide board or anything that will allow you to slide your hands easily and a spacious floor, about 20 yards. Your starting position should be in a push-up position. Ensure your core is tight and glutes are squeezed as you go along this exercise. Begin by dragging your body using your hands over the slide board, keeping your legs straight, until you reach the end of your runway. Rest for a bit then return to where you started.

4. The Hard Roll

Another exercise for your core, this weird workout will look like you’re getting on your back when you were a baby. Begin by lying on the ground on your back. Form an X shape as you lie down then match up your right elbow and left knee. It is important to keep the elbow and knee in contact all throughout the exercise. Then, using your head to turn, slowly move towards your left armpit until your whole body falls on your left side, then repeat it on your right side.

TIP: For beginners, you may use a roller to make the exercise a little bit easier.

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5. The Standing Cable Push-Pull

Expect some puzzled stares as you do this weird workout — pushing while pulling? Well, don’t back down now. This exercise will definitely give you a strong and sexy core! Start off by standing in front of a cable-crossover machine, one leg forward. To have balance, slightly bend down your knees. Hold the cable handles in each hand, positioned in your chest, as you stand in the middle. Pull cable handle in one hand as you push the other.

Don’t know what to wear at the gym? Watch this video by More Merrick:

If you want to do away with the traditional exercises, try doing these weird workouts instead. It sure looks funny but hey, you’ll definitely gain those muscles! Sometimes, it pays off to be laughed at.

What’s your favorite weird workout? Share your thoughts in the comments section! Want some cool fashion tips? Click here.

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