4 Men’s Side Part Hairstyles

by Saturday, March 12, 2022

The man bun made quite the entrance this past year, getting much-deserved attention and praise. But in 2016, another men’s hairstyle trend is taking over and you should try it: the side part.

This 60’s trend is making its comeback to the mainstream manscaping market and it’s no surprise why. Side parting is neat, it’s sharp, and it’s super stylish. Best part is, you can wear this look to the office or out at the bar.

Take a look at 4 men’s side part hairstyles to try this year:

Side Part Hairstyles For Men

#1 Long Hair Side Part

Check out 4 Men’s Side Part Hairstyles at https://howmendress.com/4-mens-side-part-hairstyles/

If you’re proud of your longer locks and boyish charm, you can still use the side part look to stay on trend. Use a comb to part your hair on the side and comb the sides down flat behind your ears for a dramatic look. For more volume, pick up a blow dryer.

#2 Short Side Part

This is the one you’re most familiar with. This cut boats a deep side part with a slight fade and undercut on one side. It’s finished with a sleek combover. This old-fashioned look is very neat. Make sure to use a strong product to hold it in place all day.

#3 Thick Side Part

If you have thick, short hair, consider this side part hairstyle. To pull off this look, get a cut that leaves more hair on the crown. Make a side part with a fine comb. Use a straightener to pull up your hair in front, then brush it back so it doesn’t stick straight up. Spray with hairspray to hold for a handsome disheveled look. This works great for an evening look.

Check out 4 Men’s Side Part Hairstyles at https://howmendress.com/4-mens-side-part-hairstyles/

#4 Messy Side Part

This is perfect for the guy with little time on his hands, but who still wants to achieve a handsome look. Start brushing and comb your hair from the side forward. Then use your hands to mess it up a bit and pull some strands forward. Make sure to put it in place with a strong hairspray for men.

If you want a more dramatic look, try a short fade on the side and grow it longer on top. You’ll be surprised by the attention you get. 

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