The 5 Suit Colors Every Man Should Own

by Tuesday, March 15, 2022

There’s more that goes into choosing the right suit than just how it fits. Color is a huge factor to take into consideration as well. Most men will own more than one suit, but when it comes to colors, some are more useful and versatile than others. This suit color guide will give you an idea of which colors you should have in your closet.

Suit Color Guide For Every Man

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You can never go wrong with black. It works well for just about every man out there. Yes, it is the most formal, but don’t feel like you can only wear it to fancy events or funerals. If you want to go with a more casual vibe, add some color with your tie/pocket square combination.



Tan is another great choice for your suit. It’s the perfect day-time counterpart to night-time black. This suit color exudes confidence and a more casual vibe that works especially well in warmer weather. Try pairing your tan suit with pastels for a sharp look. If you plan on wearing a tan suit to a more fancy event, opt for a knit or linen tie to compliment the less formal color.


Check out The 5 Suit Colors Every Man Should Own at

The Modern Man.

Gray might just be the new black in the suit game. It’s a must-have for semi-formal events or office wear. There are various shades of gray – lighter grays work well during the day while charcoals shine at night. These colors are the most versatile among the list, so don’t be afraid to see which gets the most praise throughout different occasions.


Check out The 5 Suit Colors Every Man Should Own at


Navy blue is considered the de facto color. It is simple and straight-forward and definitely lets people know you mean business. Though, it is hard to stand out in a navy suit since it’s so universally worn. Navy is appropriate for business and casual events. Try making your navy suit stand out with colorful accessories.


Check out The 5 Suit Colors Every Man Should Own at


This last one is up to you. Make it representative of your personal style, be it trendy or seasonal – you decide what you’re most comfortable in. My choice? A deep brown which can be paired with almost any color shirt and pretty much works all year round. 

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