How Men Dress to Look Taller – 9 Style Tricks That Will Make You Look Taller

by Saturday, March 12, 2022

The gift of height is something that most people would want. Being lean and tall puts you at a certain advantage. But what do we do when we’re not a part of the tall pack? Simply compromise, and work your  way out to APPEAR TALL. Check out the list below as to how you can look taller than your real height!

9 Style Tricks  That Will Make You Look Taller

Ways to Buy You A Height That You Genetically Never Have

A towering height is earned from genetics, scientifically speaking. There is no amount of medicine or machine that exists in this modern world that would help increase an adult’s current height, is there? But don’t be disheartened, there are many ways to appear tall, with illusion.

Below are very helpful tips that you might want to apply right away!

1. Stand Straight and Be Confident!

Check out How Men Dress to Look Taller - 9 Style Tricks That Will Make You Look Taller at

You would look better if you avoid slouching. This posture gives a dynamic commanding presence and at the same time, it displays self-confidence.

2. Keep the waist button on your jacket above your navel.

In this way, it will make you appear taller because your torso and legs will look longer. This is truly one of the keys of giving an illusion of a taller feature.

3. Rock in V – neck

V-neck shirts makes the neck appear elongated. Gentlemen who sport this piece never go wrong. The deeper the V, the better, but try not to overdo it.

4. Go for Monochromatic

Going monochromatic will avoid breaking the body line. Observe Tom Cruise or Martin Freeman, they usually wear monochromatic colors because it elongates the silhouette from head to toe.

5. No cuffs for your pants

If you can, get pants (or hem pants) with no cuffs. It’s the silhouette you are after, and having cuffs at the bottom of your pants will break the long and tall silhouette that you’re trying to achieve.

Check out How Men Dress to Look Taller - 9 Style Tricks That Will Make You Look Taller at

6. Use a slimmer tie

Wearing skinnier ties are not only for fashion trends’ sake. It has a significant role for not-so-tall men. This technique makes you seem taller than you are, as slimmer or skinnier ties draw the eye up and down the body.

7. Invest in tailored pieces

Tailored suits that are fit for you can make a huge difference between looking lame, and looking like you are on top of your game. When it comes to fooling the eye and transforming your silhouette, wearing perfectly-fit clothes will add a couple of inches to your height, quite a big impact!

8. Don’t love horizontal stripes too much

Horizontal stripes are a BIG NO-NO! Why? It is definitely not that flattering on you, and it will make you appear wider, not taller.

Check out How Men Dress to Look Taller - 9 Style Tricks That Will Make You Look Taller at

9. Say no to vests

Vests draw attention to the middle section of our body, thus making you look shorter. It will also steal the glance away from the overall long lines of your silhouette. If it’s unavoidable, be safe and choose the one that has the same color or pattern as the rest of your outfit.

Here is Edvasian‘s personal tips to looking taller.

It is extremely important to be aware of both your strengths and your weaknesses, so that you may work your way around it. Height is really not that big of an issue, but with the kind of bar level that society has set, we just have to learn how to manage and appear to improve on the areas where we fall, well, short.

Are these tips useful to you? Let us know by leaving a comment below. You can also add your own way on this list.

If you are looking for more tips on how to dress up, you can check it here.

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