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by Thursday, March 2, 2017

Get a piece of Nike history by having a pair of iconic Jordan sneakers! Let me help you pick the best with this list.

8 Jordan Sneakers That Are As Popular As His Airness

Here’s a trivia for you: Michael Jordan is more than a basketball player. Well, I guess you already know that. But just to remind you, he didn’t just popularize slam dunk while bringing his tongue out. He can also be a fashion icon, giving us men more choices when it comes to footwear.  How? He brought Nike to a greater audience and worldwide fame, thanks to Jordan sneakers. In fact, the line is incredibly huge some of them have become iconic like the Airness.


1. Air Jordan 1 (1985)

Jordan I | Iconic Jordan Sneakers For Men

image via esquire

Aside from the fact this is the first pair of Michael Jordan sneakers, it is also the reason for a large penalty. You see, NBA rules state you have to wear certain shoes, and a colorway of black and red wasn’t one of them, so NBA banned the shoe. Eventually, Nike and Jordan came up with more colorways, but it’s safe to say the ban helped make the line famous.


2. Air Jordan III (1988)

Jordan III | Iconic Jordan Sneakers For Men

image via sneakersninja

If Jordan I was the first pair won by MJ, Air Jordan III is the first to feature the jumping man. I don’t have to tell you who’s the inspiration behind the logo. The “zebra look” is also significant. MJ doesn’t really want a polished pair of men’s sneakers, especially if they’re Nike basketball shoes. The zebra look makes the shoes appear as if they’ve already been worn.


3. Air Jordan IV (1989)

Jordan IV | Iconic Jordan Sneakers For Men

image via hypebeast

One of the iconic Jordan sneakers for men, Jordan IV was initially called ugly, but it received a lot of promotion when it appeared in Spike Lee’s movie “Do the Right Thing.” Today buying this as a collector’s item will cost you around $125,000.


4. Air Jordan VI (1991)

Jordan VI | Iconic Jordan Sneakers For Men

image via hiphopsince1987

Jordan VI is called by many as the second favorite sneakers of Michael Jordan. The year it was released, 1991, was also the first year his team entered and won the NBA Finals, and he got the VIP Award. The first shoe also featured the infrared design by incorporating neon colors. In 2000, the Jordan brand released the Olympic, which is now another sneakerhead dream.


5. Air Jordan VIII (1993)

Jordan VIII | Iconic Jordan Sneakers For Men

image via kicksonfire

MJ gets a lot of help for the promotion of his Air Jordan sneakers, and of them is oddly Bugs Bunny. As a proof the line released Jordan VIII, which is unofficially called the Bugs Bunny due to ads featuring the famous rabbit sporting the shoe.


6. Air Jordan XI (1995)

Jordan XI | Iconic Jordan Sneakers For Men

image via airjordanshoeshq

The Air Jordan XI is considered to be the most beautifully designed shoe in the line. It could be because it’s the first to feature patented leather. (Note: Remember when Bugs Bunny and MJ had “Space Jam”? This is the shoe he wore during the basketball game in the movie.)


7. Air Jordan XII (1997)

Jordan XII | Iconic Jordan Sneakers For Men

image via nicekicks

To know why this is a collectible – and a coveted at that – then you just have to understand its nickname, which is the Flu. This is the pair of Jordan sneakers worn by MJ himself when Chicago Bulls won against Utah Jazz in game 5 in 1997 NBA Finals. MJ put up 38 points while sick with the flu.


8. Air Jordan XIV (1998)

Jordan XIV | Iconic Jordan Sneakers For Men

image via  jordans29

You can never deny this is a pair of Jordan sneakers when he has the Jumpman appear 14 times (that’s both shoes). The most popular are the red/black colorways, which he wore when he played for the last time for Chicago Bulls in 1998 NBA Finals. For this reason, the pair is called Last Shot.


The Jordan sneakers have played an incredibly large part of his career it’s only right to pay tribute to the man with a video of ALL the sneakers the line produced:

Can you see how MJ and the Jordan sneakers make history? One can never doubt the quality and style of these men’s shoes because, after all, they’re Nike. You’d love to have them because of their story and the fact these are special to MJ one way or the other.

Which is your favorite pair of Jordan sneakers for men? Do you own one? Take a photo and share your story about it in the comments section! For more memorable men’s shoes, read the most iconic Nike sneakers for men!

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