The Evolution of Men’s Swimwear Over The Last Century

by Friday, March 18, 2022

Have  you ever wondered how men’s swimwear has changed over time? Read on and see how men’s bathing suits have evolved for the past 100 years.

Men’s swimwear has undergone many changes since its inception. Check out how Matt Watts recently modeled an entire century of different looks for Mode’s.

Check out The Evolution of Men's Swimwear Over The Last Century at

Let’s go all the way back to the 1910’s:


During this time, men were prohibited from baring their chests in public, it was deemed obscene to thoe fragile Edwardian sensibilities of the time. They had to wear bulky woolen one-piece suits featuring shorts and short-sleeves, and of questionable comfort on hot summer days.


By the Roaring 20s swimsuit regulations altered, and the style in fashion required a swimming costume to be paired with a skirt or a bathing suit that draped with a skirt effect.


The topless ban was lifted in the 1930s, sending it packing like Prohibition. And so began the dawn of the era of the bare chest on beaches and public swimming functions.


Fitted, short trunks like the pair seen here remained popular in Post-War America.



Brightly-colored briefs remained the trunks of choice throughout the fifties. Terry-lined cabana sets in popular Hawaiin prints were perfect for backyard barbecues and pool parties.


Bright swim trunks with loud patterns became all the rage. The 60s saw a revolution in fashion in men’s swimwear.


Skin-baring swimwear was embraced by men in the 70s, thankfully they went the way of the bell-bottoms.

Check out The Evolution of Men's Swimwear Over The Last Century at


Preppy styles started to become synonymous with the upper middle class in the 80s.


Themore modest and longer cut board short made a prominent and brief comeback in the 90s.

Check out The Evolution of Men's Swimwear Over The Last Century at


More variations and styles of long board shorts became popular in the early 2000s, always cut to emphasize the ab lines and six packs of the wearer.

Check out The Evolution of Men's Swimwear Over The Last Century at


Men’s swimwear are getting shorter again! Kitschy prints and trunks that show more thigh than the recent past have crept back into style.

In the evolution of fashion, the swim wear trends of old are now retro chic. The more things change they start to stay the same, as 100 years of men/s fashion has begun to borrow from itself for inspiration.

You can watch the full video from Mode here:

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