Cuffed Pants: The Latest Trend In Trousers

by Monday, March 14, 2022

A good majority of us have extra fabric that needs hemmed because unfortunately, we can’t all be Lebron James’ height. However, skip a trip to the tailor because cuffing and rolling your pants is a trend that’s getting a lot of praise for worthy reasons.

Rolling your pants creates that tailored, casual cool look that many strive to achieve. There are basically 2 ways to roll your pants. Take a look.

2 Stylish Ways To Cuff Your Pants


Pin rolling is great for pants that are longer and wider. If you want a tapered look, just fold the extra clothing, “pin” and start rolling or cuffing.


This is the most convenient way to fold the ends of your pants. Fold the bottom over two times (depending on the length). This is recommended for pants that are already tailored and those that are a bit too long at the bottom.

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