7 Different Ways to Tie a Necktie

by Monday, March 14, 2022

I’m sure you’re aware of the many different ways to knot your necktie, but if you’ve never bothered to learn we’ve got you covered.

Not all knots are made equal. There are many things to consider: the tie’s size, symmetry, and shape. We’ve collected 7 different ways to tie a necktie. These will give you the edge you need to look stylish at all times at every type of occasion.

Here’s the list of 7 ways to tie a necktie:

1. Trinity Knot

A trinity knot is more of an exotic way to tie a necktie. At first glance, it might look intimidating but the moves are fairly simple.


Video Tutorial from ReviewOutdoorGear:

2. The Van Wijk Knot

This long and slender knot makes a striking layered cylindrical effect. It works best with light colors and narrow collared shirts with a vest.

Video Tutorial from LetsTalkTies:

3. Fishbone Knot

This knot is somewhat challenging to create but most definitely worth the effort.


Video Tutorial from Patrick Novotny:


4. The Balthus Knot

This knot is perfect for weddings and other formal events. It’s recommended that you use a long necktie because this knot consumes a lot of fabric.


Video Tutorial from SimmonsEssentials:

5. The Onassis Knot

This knot is deceptively simple: at the end of a standard Windsor Knot, you simply loop the wide end of the tie behind and over the existing knot.

Video Tutorial from Анатолий Борисович:


6. The Four Rings Knot

This is no doubt a pretty unique take on the knot! It is best suited for a solid colored tie made of silk; recommended for parties or a casual weekend.

Video Tutorial from WhoSeesThis:


7. The Diagonal Knot

This type of knot goes well with a tie made of light fabric, in a solid color, and with a subtle pattern, so as not to make the knot look overly confusing while still giving it some additional details.


Video Tutorial from Shaznem:

With these ways to tie a necktie, you can stay stylish at any occasion you attend. A tie is not only a tie – it’s meant to speak to the rest of your outfit, not stand apart from or clash with it.

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