Why You Should Add Winterized Special Field Air Force 1 To Your Shoe Rack

by Friday, March 18, 2022

At two hundred bucks, the Winterized Special Field Air Force 1 is by no means a cheap pair of shoes. That’s Air Jordan territory right there. But there’s no more worthy investment than this one, whether you love the outdoors or conscious about the way you dress, the versatility guarantees you can wear this multiple times regardless of the occasion. The durability will ensure you will use and reuse this for a very long time.

The Newest Winterized Special Field Air Force 1

Steven Spielberg’s E.T. is showing in theaters, the cost of gas per gallon is still 92 cents, the average income per year is a little over $21,000, Prince William is just born and John Belushi just died, Michael Jackson just released Thriller and the Commodore 64 computer is launched. This is the era when the Air Force 1 is born. From purely the hardwood, the use of the shoes evolved into street fashion, and now it’s undergoing evolution.

1. Stick out the Tongue

When you buy the Winterized Special Field Air Force 1, you may notice a special pocket under the Tongue. And it’s big enough to hold your passport and extra cash. Of course, I’m not saying you smuggle some contraband in there when you pass through Customs, but it would be convenient when you are going out in a seedy part of town and you need to make sure your valuables are safe.

2. Lightweight material

The Winterized Special Field Air Force 1 looks rugged and bulky, but Nike R&D managed to make it seem weightless, if that’s even possible. The material used is ballistic nylon “with full-grain leather overlays for premium durability,” not my words by Nike. The midsole is also very durable, which makes this perfect for any outdoor activity.

Nike already makes the SFB Field Army Tactical Boot, so this could be the next best thing for our men and women in uniform. To be fair, Nike is not the only basketball shoe company that clothes the feet of our soldiers, there’s also Reebok with its Stealth Composite Toe Boot RB8893 and Adidas with its GSG 9.3 Desert Low Boots.

3. Do you like this tote bag?

Really, do you like this bag? Nike is throwing this bag away for free when you buy the Winterized Special Field Air Force 1. The pair is already a bang for the buck, so getting a freebie is just icing on the cake at this point. The bag is made out of the same material as the footwear. But I’m not complaining, and so should you.

4. They’re Just a Cool Pair

I mean, there’s really nothing to say more when you look at the design of the Winterized Special Field Air Force 1. They just look good regardless of what you pair them with, which is possible especially with the interchangeable straps. Just ogle at that photo above, and tell me that’s not cool.

Check out this promo ad from Nike for the new shoes:

At this point, saying anything more would seem pointless. I didn’t even need some 500 words to show just how amazing this version of the Air Force 1 is. You want durability, versatility, functionality yet fashionable at the same time? Check, check, check and check! Now go out and get that $200.

What do you think of the winterized Special Field Air Force 1? Are you going to get it? Tell me in the comments section below! Do you think the Winterized Special Field Air Force 1 is worth the $200 price tag? Learn more about shoes using this link.

Photo credits from Nike.

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