Kanye West Shoes By Louis Vuitton | How Men Dress Street

by Friday, March 18, 2022

Kanye West shoes have been some of the most coveted pieces of accessories for almost a decade now. The man’s influence in the world of music has successfully seeped through the world of fashion. And while his clothing line remains to fall into the questionable category, Kanye West shoes remain to be a staple of modern fashion.

Yeezy has collaborated with the likes of Nike, Adidas, and even Bape. But his collaboration with Louis Vuitton produced some of the most glorious footwear known to man today.

I know you’re crazy about them as much as I am. So, here’s a quick look at all the Louis Vuitton-Kanye West shoes.

Kanye West Shoes By Louis Vuitton | How Men Dress Street

Haters can go on and on about Kanye’s personality. But no one can say anything bad about the shoes he designed in collaboration with Louis Vuitton.

Feast your eyes on some of the most beautiful sneakers to ever walk the earth.


1. Jasper Patchwork

Part of the Jasper collection, named after Yeezy’s personal stylist, the Jasper Patchwork is the ultimate crowd favorite. The contrast of the Grey with the pink soles (plus those 24K gold shoelace rings!) makes for a must-have for anyone going for a street look.

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2. Jasper Cream

The Jasper collection’s cream sneaks favor men who prefer laid-back styling. Its most famous selling point is its ability to blur the lines between modern streetwear and luxury footwear almost effortlessly.


3. Jasper Black

This lavish pair of Kanye West shoes belonging to the Jasper collection screams luxury in a more regal manner. The suede mixed with the all black color scheme is so sophisticated, it can complete a suit ensemble without the risk of looking drab.


4. Don Red

Loud and luxurious. There’s really not much else to say about the Don Reds but that they’re a pair that got the whole world going crazy over all-red sneakers. Talk about a fashion must-have.



5. Don Patchwork

The Don Patchwork redefines mature footwear like the boss its creator is. The color scheme tastefully matches both your jeans and your dress pants. It takes a certain level of sophistication and a lot of personalities to pull off this pair of Kanye West shoes.


6. Don Cream

What is now known as the trendsetter, the Don Cream was first at making “white” sneakers a thing in fashion. Kanye proved to be ahead of his time by creating the hype over earth-toned sneakers matched with everyday looks.


7. Don Black

The Don Black was designed for those who wanted to add a bit of spunk to their look without leaving the safe space. The basic black and white color scheme perfectly matches any outfit, allowing you to stay stylish without working too hard.


8. Mr. Hudson White

Known as the dress up or dress down pair, the Mr. Hudson Whites are considered the most wearable pair of Kanye West shoes. It’s all about mixing fashion with functionality, with fringes!

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9. Mr. Hudson Patchwork

With less than 30 pairs ever made, the Mr. Hudson Patchwork edition is the most sought-after Louis Vuitton-Kanye West shoe. The 24K gold shoe laces paired with the leather and suede combination give it a rustic luxe look.


Check out this quick video made by our friend from Highsnobiety for a quick 360-degree view of each of the Kanye West shoes:


I don’t know about you, but after going through all those pairs of shoes, I can’t imagine how I survived this long without at least a pair of my own. I’m particularly nuts about the Mr. Hudson collection. What about you? Leave me a comment to tell me what your favorite pair is!


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