5 of Men’s Latest Hair Trends Worth Trying in 2017

by Friday, December 2, 2016

Looking for a major hair change this New Year? It’s about time you get out of your comfort zone and try something crazy and new. How about trying one of these latest hair trends? You’ll be amazed at how a simple trim or styling can transform your 2017 into a dapper and fresher one! Shall we proceed?

Try these Latest Hair Trends this New Year!

Out with the man buns and in with these latest hair trends! Rough and rugged looks are now slowly being replaced by sleek and edgy ones. Classic haircuts with modern twists are rising to fame again and you should definitely try one. So, bring out your pomades as you will be needing them.


1. The Volume Undercut With Taper

The Volume Undercut With Taper | Men's Latest Hair Trends Worth Trying in 2017

Image via Thomas Davenport

The undercut has been one of the popular haircuts over the years. Giving you a youthful vibe, this variation of undercut hairstyle with a taper is one of the latest hair trends! In order to achieve this cool look, you’ll need a blow dryer, brush, and your most-liked pomade, preferably matte.

2. The Modern Side Part

The Modern Side Part | Men's Latest Hair Trends Worth Trying in 2017

Image via L’Oréal Paris Danmark

With a variety of ways to do side parting, this classic hairstyle has been jazzed up with a modern vibe! To maintain the sleek look and to keep your hair from falling, be sure to use a strong product. This one’s my favorite, very timeless!

3. The Business Savvy

The Business Savvy | Men's Latest Hair Trends Worth Trying in 2017

Image via Design Maze

Sophisticated and classy, the business savvy hair trend is here to pair up with your suit! To pull off this professional look, your hair should be of medium length as you maintain a regular trim in the side and back area.

4. The Buzzed Skin Fades

The Buzzed Skin Fade | Men's Latest Hair Trends Worth Trying in 2017

Image via About Style

Shaved hairstyles are definitely a thing these days! The buzzed styles such as fades and high and tights could definitely work for you if you want an easy to maintain style. Not everyone can pull this off, though. Be sure the shape of your head is right for this hairstyle.

5. The Swoop

The Swoop | Men's Latest Hair Trends Worth Trying in 2017

Image via The Beard Mag

Probably popularized by Justin Bieber, the Swoop seems like a classic curtained cut mixed with a modern hairstyle. If you don’t mind getting your face covered with hair then this could be the hairstyle for you.


Don’t know which hair product best suits you? Watch this video by Alpha M.:

Shaved, side parts, voluminous hair — these are the latest hair trends worth trying for a fresh start in 2017.  Don’t be afraid to experiment with your look. Just remember to pick a hairstyle that fits the shape of your face to pull off a stylish one!

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