Hiking Outfit Guide For Beginners | How Men Dress Outdoors

by Monday, March 14, 2022

Looking for a hiking outfit is the perfect parallel of what you’ll need it for. Definitely a lot less daunting than what a lot of people think of it. Hiking, while a pretty intense hobby, is an activity that allows people to relax their minds by being one with nature. If you want a little escape from your daily routine in the hustle and bustle of the city, going on a hike is a good idea. And don’t worry if it’s your first time. You’ll still get out of this unscathed and gearing up for more. Especially with this hiking outfit guide I prepared for you. You still gotta get your hands on other safety tips, though. But rest assured that with the styling, I’ve got you covered. Read on for some hiking style tips!

Hiking Outfit Guide For Beginners | How Men Dress Outdoors

Safety is the number 1 thing to consider when going hiking, maybe next to the overall experience, of course. When planning your hike, you have to make sure the trail will be safe enough, and you’ve got all the gear you’re gonna need. So where do fashion and style come into play, you ask? I dare say right smack in the middle of everything. Picking the right hiking outfit is of the essence if you want a 1) safe hike, 2) comfortable hike, 3) fun hike, and lastly 4) Instagram-able hike.

That’s why I came up with this guide to hiking outfit essentials for beginners like you!

1. Footwear

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The real key to getting the hiking footwear right the first time is wearing the perfect pair of socks. Because your relationship with your shoes will either make or break your hike, make sure you’re fully aware of what the trail will be like and how long the hike will be. Only then can you choose between the wide array of hiking boots, and the socks that match the pair.
Remember, it’s the feet that require the most amount of consideration in any hiking outfit.

2. Pants

Choosing between a pair of trousers or a pair of shorts for any hiking outfit is surprisingly tricky. Shorts can leave you shivering if you’re hiking in a cold place, while a pair of pants might be uncomfortable if your hiking trail is at a humid place. But did you know you can actually get the best of both worlds?

With a pair of quick-drying hiking pants, you can get both the pants and the shorts in one garment. Now that’s a heavy duty pair of lightweight pants!

3. Jacket

Check out Hiking Outfit Guide For Beginners | How Men Dress Outdoors at https://howmendress.com/hiking-outfit-guide/

No, I didn’t forget the shirt part. I deliberately set aside the shirt because since you’re still a beginner, you can start off by going for old ratty shirts or sweaters for your first hike. What’s really important is getting the right jacket to complete a hiking outfit that’s on point. The one you need is a durable yet lightweight jacket that’s probably the same material as your hiking pants. But make sure it has cotton lining to absorb sweat and let air in.

It depends on your type of hike, but it may be best to pattern the color scheme of your jacket to the surrounding so as not to seem hostile to some animals. On the other hand, you can go for loud colors if the intent is to be easily spotted by your hiking crew.

4. Head Gear

Check out Hiking Outfit Guide For Beginners | How Men Dress Outdoors at https://howmendress.com/hiking-outfit-guide/

Probably one of the most important things to consider is the type of head gear you’ll be using for your hike. Like all the other elements in this list, your hat will depend on the type of hike you’ll be doing. A real good hat will be able to protect your head, face, and neck from the sun and possible rain. It can also keep you warm or cool–depending on the weather. However, the real keeper is a hat that can go from keeping you warm to keeping you cool exactly when you need it to!

But for beginners like yourself, you can simple go for the basic durable full-brimmed and water-repellent types.

Want to learn more about the perfect pair of hiking boots for any type of hike? Check out this video by Cutie Homes!

These top 4 essentials to completing a hiking outfit are actually just the tip of the iceberg. There’s more to a hiking outfit than lightweight and heavy duty garments. But since you’re still in the beginner phase, there’s no need to make too much fuss about it as long as you follow this simple guide. Just stay safe, stay stylish, and enjoy the hike!

Do you think you’re ready to go hiking? Sound off your comments below! Click here for more fashion and style tips!

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