How Men Dress in Music Festival Outfits

by Friday, March 18, 2022

There’s nothing more all the rage now–except for Pokemon Go, of course–than music festivals. And while it’s usually a girl’s own personal runway, guys like you and me can’t afford to get left behind in the fashion race. So to prep you for the next rock’n’roll fest, here’s a rundown of music festival outfits for men.

How Men Dress in Music Festival Outfits

Your Guide to Music Festival Outfits

Music Festivals, while a breeding ground for hands down great music, are also an arena for fashion experiments. Both men and women take the festivals as an opportunity to go a little crazy or a little over the top when it comes to dressing up. However, the real key to music festival outfits is an effortlessly laid back look–that takes a lot of effort to pull off, to be quite frank.

But, you’ve got it in you to be one of the few whose style is on point. So read on to own the ultimate music festival look.

1. The Printed Shirt

Your safest bet will always be the band shirts. However, it’s important that you only wear bands that you truly love or else festival goers will brand you as a poser. Another option is the all-over print tees. You can also shift from sleeved shirts to jersey vests, depending on the festival location.

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2. The Button-Down

For those who are aiming for a more dapper look, you can opt for short-sleeved button-downs made of lightweight fabric. You can also pick out the ones with classy prints, or go for the chambray shirts.

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3. The Shorts

The one place women love seeing men in shorts–aside from the sports arena–is in a music festival. You can go for slim straight fit denim cut-offs for that chill vibe. The more laid back the look, the better.

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4. The Shoes

Remember that your chosen footwear to complete your music festival outfits have to be both lightweight and heavy duty. They have to be able to withstand hours of walking, jumping around, standing, mud, rain, and even being stepped on. The safest bets are trainers, plimsolls, and boat shoes.

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5. The Hat

While matters of the heart are also an important aspect in music festivals, so are the matters of the hat. You can either opt for the baseball cap or try something on the slightly daring scale. A wide-brimmed felt hat is perfect for shielding against the sun and looking like you’re actually part of a band.

Wanna know how these actually look like styled together? Check out this lookbook video by Jairwoo:

Having the time of your life at music festivals shouldn’t only be about the music, it should also be about the fashion. So it’s okay to go a bit crazy just as long as you’ve got these key pieces on point to confidently rock music festival outfits like a natural!

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