Style Hacks: How Men Dress to Appear Skinny

by Friday, March 18, 2022

While the best way to be skinny is to hit the gym and lose weight, unfortunately, it usually takes time and never happens in just a snap. If you’ve put on weight and still want to appear skinny, there are several style hacks you can do to achieve your goal.

Whether you’ll be out for a date or will have a meeting with your colleagues, you always have to look your best and have confidence. Looking good and feeling confident goes hand in hand so if you’re not feeling confident with the extra weight you have, let me share with you some style hacks on how to look slimmer.

Style Hacks: How Men Dress to Appear Skinny

If you want to appear skinny, all you have to do is have a wardrobe overhaul! Learn how to wear the right color or pattern to make yourself look fit and in shape. You just have to know which clothes to stay away from and which clothes you should stock up on.

1. Wear Dark-Colored Clothes

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Dark colors seem to make you appear skinny, thus, it works well with larger men. If your upper body is larger, wear light-colored pants to create balance with your lower body.

2. Wear V-Neck Shirts

Round neck shirts emphasize the roundness of your face. You should go for V-neck shirts. The diagonal lines help in lengthening your face as well as your upper body.

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3. Leave Shirts Untucked

The problem with tucking in your shirt is it draws attention to your problem areas, specifically in your upper body. When your shirt is tucked in, it gets contoured into your body. Leave your shirt untucked if the setting allows you to (for instance you’re in a night out with your beer buddies) so your shirt would not cling to your body.

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4. Stay Away From Loud Prints

Loud prints and patterns such as a bright Hawaiian shirt with palm trees adds volume to your body. It also attracts attention and will probably have people’s eyes on your problem areas. You can instead wear block-color pieces that have darker shades.

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5. Use Shapewear

The shapewear, just like its female counterpart waist trainer, is becoming popular nowadays. If you want to create an illusion of having a six pack, this could be your best friend!

Want to know how to look taller? Watch this video by alpha m.:

If you’re one of the larger men and want to appear skinny, these style hacks can help you achieve your goal. Just always remember it is important to feel confident with the way you look in order for you to look good.

What other style hacks do you know to appear skinny? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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