7 Men’s Cufflinks With Unique and Funky Design

by Tuesday, March 15, 2022

Men’s cufflinks are functional accessories used to fasten together the cuffs of your dress shirt. With this jewelry, you can accentuate your outfit with class and style.

Most of the time, this piece of jewelry is associated with a man’s formal or semi formal outfit, having a traditional and classic design. However, there are also men’s cufflinks you can use for fun whether you’ll be on a dinner with your friends or in the office — the novelty cufflinks. These cufflinks have a unique design which allows you to express yourself in a funky way.

7 Men’s Cufflinks With Unique and Funky Design

You’ll be surprised how versatile cufflinks are. You can pull off wearing this accessory with any outfit as long as you have a long-sleeved shirt with cuffs that need fastening! Accentuate your shirts with a lot of funkiness with the following unique cufflinks:

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1. The Pokemon Pokeball Cufflinks

With the new game craze Pokemon GO released, everybody just wants to go and catch ’em all! Why not show everyone you’re the real Pokemon Master by accentuating your shirt with these Pokemon Pokeball Cufflinks? Go ahead and be the very best (like no one ever was).

2. The Mousetrap and Mouse Cufflinks

A mouse on one cuff while the other cuff has a mousetrap with cheese design. These cufflinks are perfect as a gift to a friend for his collection (maybe, you can add this to your collection, too!).

3. The Green Tennis Ball Cufflinks

If you’re a little sporty and play tennis, then this Green Tennis Ball Cufflinks will best suit you. Let everybody know who’s the champ by wearing these unique men’s cufflinks!

4. The Ketchup and Mustard Cufflinks

So, your friends or your boss invited you to a BBQ party. Amuse them all by accentuating your shirt with this pair of Ketchup and Custard Cufflinks!

5. The Blue Electric Guitar Cufflinks

Who says you can’t be a rockstar when you’re at the office? Wear these Blue Electric Guitar Cufflinks and show your coworkers you’ll rock their world!

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6. The Colored Pac Man Cufflinks

The classic game, Pac Man, has been one of the favorites of many all over the years. The pair has the iconic Pac Man on the other cuff while on one cuff is a blue ghost. Show everyone your love for Pac Man by wearing these cufflinks.

Check out 7 Men’s Cufflinks With Unique and Funky Design at https://howmendress.com/mens-cufflinks/

7. The Star Wars Storm Trooper Cufflinks

If you’re a Star Wars fan, these unique men’s cufflinks are definitely for you. Fasten your shirt’s cuffs with these and who knows, the force might be with you!

Learn how to wear cufflinks by watching this video by CWHouseMenswear:

If you want to give your outfit a funky twist, get one of these unique men’s cufflinks. This piece of jewelry will not just serve its purpose but will definitely accentuate your outfit in a fun way!

Which cufflink was your favorite? Share your thoughts by leaving a comment below!

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