5 Fun Ideas To Turn Heads At Christmas Sweater Parties

by Thursday, December 1, 2016

Ahh, the ugly Christmas sweater. It has become a tradition of sorts to wear the ugliest one at holiday parties. The clothing wear actually has innocuous beginnings as it was invented during the late 19th Century for people to ward off the winter cold. But then Bill Cosby happened. The comedian was credited for kick-starting a movement as Cliff Huxtable in the ‘80s sitcom The Bill Cosby Show. It wasn’t until 2001, however, when wearing the ugly Christmas sweater as a tradition has spread like wildfire.

Have Fun With These Christmas Sweater Ideas

There’s nothing like humiliating yourselves with hideous clothes to make socialization easier. I have below some fun ideas you can try in order to become the life of the party or at least, you know, potentially break the ice with some of the ladies (of course, it’s no guarantee you’re actually going to leave home with a girl in your arm).


1. Donald Trump Christmas Sweater

Now, how about paying homage to the Chief, huh? Any Donald Trump Christmas sweater won’t be complete without a pom-pom and golden feather accent. Instead of a Santa Claus, the president-elect is dressed as an elf and this should not be good for his ego. The product is sold out on the retailer’s website, but it’s quite easy to copy if you can do it on your own.


2. Christmas Sweater Balls

Christmas sweater balls | 5 Fun Ideas To Turn Heads At Christmas Sweater Parties

Image via lloydhall81

You want balls, you say? How about some Reindeer balls in 3D! You are still keeping with the Christmas spirit, but then again kicking it right in the balls. Now, you can finally ask women to touch your balls without sounding offensive. There’s another advantage of this set of balls because you know they will not get sweaty.


3. Naughty Christmas Sweater

Naughty Christmas sweater | 5 Fun Ideas To Turn Heads At Christmas Sweater Parties

Image via Fun

You can buy this one from the retailer’s website or again, if you have the time, you can just copy the design and save some money. As you can see from the design, this certainly is a PG-13 sweater. The 3D snowman is upside down and the placement of the nose, as well as the Christmas balls on its hat, makes for some heavy innuendo.


4. Jordan Christmas Sweater

Jordan Christmas sweater | 5 Fun Ideas To Turn Heads At Christmas Sweater Parties

Image via Holiday Fury

This is certainly not a pair of Jordan you would want to wear every day. Michael Jordan cried man’s tears during his Hall of Fame speech, and it was the first glimpse of vulnerability the public has of the stone-cold killer on the court. Unfortunately for him, some genius created a meme of the crying Jordan and it spread online like wildfire just because of how funny it is, and how easily it can be applied to just about any situation.


5. Kelly Kapowski Christmas Sweater

Kelly Kapowski Christmas sweater | 5 Fun Ideas To Turn Heads At Christmas Sweater Parties

Image via Holiday Fury

To be fair, there’s nothing ugly about this Christmas sweater. Tacky perhaps, but not ugly. This sparks some nostalgia about the late ‘80s to early ‘90s sitcom, Saved by the Bell, and would be a good conversation starter.  Every young boy has a crush on Tiffani-Amber Thiessen’s character Kelly Kapowski, who should be given the freaking Presidential Medal of Freedom for helping young men in the 90s make puberty more tolerable.


Here’s a clip from Laura DIY of some DIY ugly Christmas sweater ideas for when you attend a party:

This is the time of the year when you are allowed to go silly. So don’t be afraid to wear the ugly Christmas sweater even if you embarrass yourself in the process. Just forget for a moment the nasty taste in your mouth on the thought it was Bill Cosby who started all this. Remember, it’s all in good fun.

What do you think of our Christmas sweater list? Will you buy a finished product or go the DIY route? Share your thoughts in the comments section below. You can read more articles on what to wear this season here.



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